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PACLITE Equipment-Unicorp Europe
Specialists in Compaction & Concrete Equipment, trowel blades

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Jérome Hélary -Technical and maintenance
Mobile + 33 (0) 6 42 86 50 46

Following the purchase of a machine or service, after-sales service can be almost as important as the initial purchase. Quality, price and service are three factors critical to the success of our efforts. Service is an integral part of Uni-corp Europe and Paclite Equipment, and it has always been our strategy from the very beginning to provide fi rst-class customer care.

We provide a professional service as it is the foundation for our future growth and the key to establishing true long-term partnerships with our customers. Uni-corp Service includes a complete range of service, support and experienced personnel covering all your support needs in the fi eld of Compaction and Concrete - wherever you are. Our wealth of experience, technical training and expertise also ensure competence and commitment in providing you with a high-class service. Our international network is always ready to assist you in your servicing needs so that high productivity is maintained at each site.



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