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.... You have already seen us,
You have already experienced our manufacturing expertise ....

AFTER OVER 35 YEARS OF SUPPLYING THE INDUSTRY SINCE 1975 - IT IS TIME TO SELL DIRECT. Uni-corp and its new brand PACLITE provides local service and support no matter where your next contract is located. For many years a leading supplier in compaction equipment for the construction industry, we now offer distributors and rental companies a wide range of products directly backed by expert support through our new European subsidiary aimed at keeping your operation profitable.

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Uni-corp Europe has ultramodern manufacturing plants in Singapore adhering to the industry’s finest quality standards, making Uni-corp a true power in Compaction and Concrete to global markets. You would have certainly sold our products or have had our products in your rental fleet. Now we offer our complete range and years of experience. During the coming years, Uni-corp will launch an ever-growing range of compaction products from its new European operation.

PACLITE Equipment - A wide range of industrial materials in direct sales!

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.... Paclite - a brand with a wide range of products: Compaction - Concrete - Cutting - Grinding ....

We intend to expand this range to offer a complete product range for professional distributors and to the rental industry.
PACLITE-EQUIPMENT is focusing its efforts and development together with the European and American Rental industry.
Rental of equipment is likely to grow in the future. Our objective is to produce machines which are suitable for rental applications. In order to meet the standards in developed markets, PACLITE products all receive long-term testing in various markets and under the most difficult site conditions.


.... Product and operator safety ....


Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a group of diseases caused by exposure of the hands to vibration. The best known of these is vibration white finger (VWF) which is caused by damage to blood circulation caused by compression of nerves in the wrist. The use of high-vibration tooling should be eliminated wherever possible. Mechanisation of processes commonly performed using powered hand-tools is one way of reducing the risk, eg the use of planing machines to roughly shape stone and auto lettering machinery.
PACLITE is developing its range closely following the European Directive Physical Agents (Vibration) 2002/44/EC as well as the new Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

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